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What is dermopigmentation?




Dermopigmentation or semi-permanent make-up is a technique used to change the color of a skin area by filling the dermis with pigment using suitable devices and single use sterile needles.


This technique is used to re-design some parts of the skin for aesthetic purposes or reconstruction.

Dermopigmentation services are subject to particularly strict hygiene conditions and are strictly legislated (Decree No. 2008-149 of 19 February 2008) to ensure maximum safety.



A feeling of slight sensitivity, swelling and redness of the pigmented area are common during the first 48 hours after you are dermopigmented. This reaction is due to the nature of the procedure which constitutes a slight skin break-in. It is also normal to observe skin dryness with the formation of small scales and slight itching during scarring.


All skins do not react the same way to pigments. Some skins reject more pigments than others, some skins heal faster than others. As a result, an additional session may be required to adjust the areas that require it. Your specialist NINA BROW'N will accompany you throughout this process.



The approximate life span of dermopigmentation is two and a half years and varies according to skin types. An annual touch up will be best to revive the color for medium to dark skin tones and every 7 to 8 months for light skin tones.


The legal age for dermopigmentation is eighteen years old, however minors aged 16 or over can benefit by providing a written parental agreement from both parents.

What is dermopigmentation


Is an Art as much as.

                                    it is a science .

Dermopigmentation of the eyebrows

dermopigmentation of the eyebrows

The dermopigmentation of the eyebrows allows to fill an imperfect, sparse or even nonexistent eyebrow. 


At NINA BROW'N institute, we developed a technique, the NinaTechBrows. This technique of eyebrow semi-permanent make-up is the best to achieve a look both aesthetically natural and subtly structured. This technique is Nina Brown’s own. It consists in a special combination of techniques that create an eyebrow with a hyper-realistic line, made with finesse and respecting the client’s facial features and style.

For each face there is a perfect eyebrow shape and each skin requires a different technique. Your specialist Nina Brow'n will help you choose the appropriate techniques that will enhance your look taking your personal taste and your facial features into account to create your best look.

Dermopigmentation des sourcils NINA BROW
Dermopigmentation of the eyelashes


Dermopigmentation of the eyes consists in pigmenting the upper lining of the eye, between the eyelashes, to give depth to the eyes.

The Eyelashes pigmentation ensures the upper contour of the eye is well-defined for a deeper look. 

​Now we can all say " I Woke-Up Like This !"

Dermopigmentation of the lips


​ The dermopigmentation of the lips is redrawing a slightly depigmented mouth. It can also be used to correct slight asymmetries or little drawn lips, by using nude shades. This technique creates the impression of a fleshier mouth by reworking the hem of the lips.

NB: Herpes or cold sore is a virus that most of us carry, often unknowingly. The cutaneous breakage caused by the pigmentation on the lips area can awaken a herpes in a latent state; herpes may damage and alter the pigmentation on the affected area.

To avoid any risks of skin reactions that could damage the procedure, a preventive treatment will be required. Be sure to have your doctor prescribe Aciclovir tablets. You should take them two days before your dermopigmentation, and also two days after.


It is a french word that means the taste for self-care and elegance

At the NINA BROW’N Beauty Salon we offer many other services to enhance your skin and perfect your beauty routine.


As a true Beauty Designer,  NINA BROW’N offers signature services ranging from eyelash enhancement to deep care.

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